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‘Pe-un Picior de iad’ Scoops Gold

The Antena 3 documentary program La premiera cu Carmen Avram just won a prestigious gold award at the NewYork Festival’s World’s Best Television and Films in Las Vegas. Carmen...

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Back To The Mountains Of Romania

It’s taken far long to put pen to paper (if you can still say that) but this is finally a tale of another trip to the mountains of Romania. With the temperatures in Bucharest straining the...

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Romanian Design Week

Romanian Design Week Preview is the first event entirely dedicated to Romanian design that addresses a broad public of professionals, amateurs and enthusiasts. ROMANIAN DESIGN WEEK PREVIEW IN...

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Bucharest Road Tests

KTM 990SMR Through The Streets Of Bucharest

KTM 990SMR Motorcycle reviewed by Leslie Warren; an Expat Living in Bucharest. 22 June 2011, after 8,000kms over 12 months. Allow me to introduce myself – I am Steve McQueen, recently...

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Bucharest House For Rent

Bucharest House For Rent FrontBucharest Expat features a large online community of people seeking houses for sale or rent, and apartments for sale or rent in Bucharest, Romania. You can find all of the listings in our Free Bucharest Classifieds section. If you have a property you wish to post, go ahead and post it there. You may also contact us for the ability to feature one of your properties on our front page.

Featured Home:

A British owned, detached house on three floors in a private location with a river view. The property is in a secure, gated street, with a mixture of nationalities already living there. The house has a fitted kitchen, two en suite bedrooms, a generous living area and a spacious office / den area. The total area of the property is approximately 200 m2. There is a private terrace and garden area overlooking the river. Parking for two cars.

The house is conveniently located off Sos. Pipera – Tunari for the American and British schools in Pipera, local supermarkets and the shopping mall at Baneasa. Price us Euro 1,500 per month. If you are anyone you know may be interested in renting and/or viewing this property please contact Andy at Andy@BucharestExpat.com.

Bucharest House For Rent Entry

Bucharest House For Rent View

Bucharest House For Rent Main Bath

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  • http://www.grosvenor-residential.co.uk/home Student Letting Newcastle

    One thing must be remember that  When looking at homes for rent, there are some points to consider. First, you need to see how many individuals reside in the property. Is it just you? Or going there with his family? That, everything else will absolutely adhere to. As you comprehend the citizens of the property lease, the next element to consider is place.

  • Kenneth Bravon

    Great house! But 200m^2 is still small.

  • Veronique

    It is interesting to see how market values have risen over a short time period. Ten years ago rents in the area were ridiculously low for foreigners. I think it is a positive trend for the local economy.

  • Chipper

    I’m curious as to the way this house looks inside. It says there are three floors but only two bedrooms, so what’s on the top floor?

  • Marianne

    This is a lovely family house especially with the facilities (shops and international schools) being so close. Are there other costs involved over and above the rental value (such as residence taxes, co-propriety charges ?)

  • Shilla

    I love the architecture of this house and a view of the river would be lovely. I could never afford something like this but it looks great for families who want to be near the schools in the area.

  • Violet

    A very nice house with a very peaceful view of the river and the farms. You did not specify if there are furnitures/furnishings included in the rental. It would be better if it is already furnished.

  • VisaJay

    This is almost exactly what I am looking for but the location is not quite right. If you, at Bucharest Expat sees any others like this, please let us know!

    • DrWho

      I am actually in the market for an apartment in Bucharest. I do not need as much space to warrant having a house. I look forward to seeing more articles like this too.

      • Lemontop

        It is indeed a fantastic house and a reasonable rent if you have enough bodies to fill the space up. I had a quick look at the link and saw some very nice apartments on there. Thanks for the resource.

  • jesse

    I am looking for a house a lot like this only one that is not out in the country. A condo would be alright as well. I hope to see more listings like this one.

  • Becky

    What a nice place! Why can’t there be anything as nice as this where I live? I’ve been looking forever now, but no such luck.. it’s bumming me out.

  • Jennifer27

    What a cute house! I can’t even tell you how many houses I have seen online for sale or rent that barely have any pics or info. That always makes finding a house difficult.

    • GameOn

      It seems like sellers would always want to put a picture of the house. It so makes you want to go, once you’ve seen it in a picture.

      • Meow

        I agree with you there. This house is so beautiful. I’m kind of jealous of the person who moves in lol. I can’t lie.

  • Leslie

    What a gorgeous house! I really wished I lived there! I would love to live in that area. I think it’s such an amazing place to live :)

    • isis

      Yeah I love the house too. All the pictures are great. The only thing I notice is that there is only a rail on one side of the steps. I wonder if they are going to add a second rail. I do not like open rail steps.

      • Happymover

        I do believe that is actually the style. I have seen quite a few homes where they use a single rail style on the steps. You just have to be extra careful is all.

      • chewee

        Those dark wood floors are gorgeous too. I love the way the floor in the entry way matches the railing, steps and trim. Really nice.

      • Becky

        I thought the same thing for a split second. But then again, they wouldn’t want to post a picture of a house that wasn’t done yet. This must be a style. It’s new to me though :) I like it.

  • sharkinator

    Wow that is a lovely house, and the property is beautiful. I can tell from the pictures that the house has fantastic craftsmanship. I love getting a heads up on properties like these that include pictures! Thanks.

    • Jenny

      I know, right? Isn’t this fascinating! One look at those pictures and I’m pretty much sold.

      That’s why I need my boyfriends help with the technical stuff lol. I get so hooked without knowing anything about houses, just because I like the way they look :p

  • chewee

    Thanks for the tip about the web site. This will really come in handy when my lease is up, as I would really like to get out of my apartment and into a house.